Avocado bagel breakfast sandwich with fried egg

Straight shot of two bagel sandwich stacked on top of each other

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Avocado Fried Egg Bagel Breakfast Sandwich - Looking for a hearty and yummy breakfast? How does creamy avocado and savory fried eggs with cheese between your favorite bagel sound for your breakfast?!!


  • 2 bagels of your choice (I like everything or onion bagel for this recipe)
  • 2 fried eggs (seasoned with salt, pepper, and red pepper flake (this is optional))
  • 2 slices Swiss cheese (or other cheese of your choice)
  • 1 avocado
  • Everything bagel seasoning


  1. Toast your bagel to your liking.
  2. While you are toasting your bagel, fry 2 eggs. Season with salt and pepper. If you like little kick, I recommend some red pepper flakes.
  3. When the eggs are cooked almost to your liking, place a sliced cheese on top. Turn off the heat and let the cheese melt a little.
  4. On your toasted bagel, place some avocado slices. I mashed mine so the avocado wouldn't slide out when I bite into the sandwich.
  5. Sprinkle some Everything Bagel Seasoning. 
  6. On top of avocado, place the cooked egg and cheese. Top it with the other half of your bagel.
  7. Enjoy right away.


  • Red pepper flake is totally optional. I personally love spicy food so I wasn't shy about it but it is optional ingredient. 
  • You can cook your egg to your liking. I like mine to be not runny in this sandwich just so that it would be less messy to eat but if you like your egg over easy, just use a fork and knife to eat this delicious sandwich. 
  • You can use whatever cheese you want!